We strive to maintain low hunting pressure and
HIGH success rates for Trophy Whitetails

I have been guiding hunters to some of the largest bucks they have ever encountered for over 15 years.  We have multiple farms in 3 states for hunters dreams to come true.

From our family farms in Wisconsin, to some of the best private ground I have walked on in Iowa and Missouri, we have a hunt designed for those who are looking for a true  hunt under the best of free range hunting conditions.

Our hunts are semi-guided to self-guided with stands, aerial maps and wind direction recommendations for each stand for all properties.

Our hunts target free range bucks over 130" with some real wall-hanger potential.  So be prepared for heart-thumping buck encounters and be ready to be addicted to hunting where food, genetics and letting bucks grow come together.

2012 Bow Kill.  Congrats to long time client Mark Trumbo on this Giant Old Buck. Bottomed the scale out live weight at 300# dressed weight is 254# and he gross scored 171 3/8 " !! I believe this deer is 7 or 8 years old !! Wow !!

Please note:  No Expandable Broadheads Allowed - Click to see why.
We do understand the reasons for and advantages to them, but these large bodied midwest whitetails are hard to put down.  No room for error and this will remove one issue.

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